Personal Injury: If we don’t recover anything for you, you will not have to pay any attorney’s fees

The courts have a legal system in place to compensate the injured individual and to “make him or her whole.” Having an attorney who digs beneath the surface and pushes the boundaries on your behalf can be the difference between winning and losing a personal injury case. At Mentis Law Group, we’ve fought – and won – compensation for hundreds of individuals injured in various ways.

We can tell you what you should do next, what to say, and what not to say. We’ll even help you find the right doctor to treat your injuries.

Some of the cases we have won include:
  • Auto accidents
  • Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians struck by a car
  • Dog-bite victims
  • Individuals who have slipped and fallen in retail stores, in restaurants or on public sidewalks
  • Victims of assault and battery
  • Individuals injured at amusement parks or shooting ranges
  • People hurt while boating or horseback riding

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