Attorney Diane Mancinelli reading law book

Case Studies

Business Litigation

A shipment of 30 Emperor penguins died on a flight from the South Pole to a zoo in Japan. The wildlife organization leased an aircraft, hired a pilot to fly the plane, and outfitted the interior of the plane itself in order to transport the birds.

Mentis Law prevailed by showing that the plaintiff’s build out of the aircraft interior was sub-optimal for penguins.


A medical technician reported the following about his previous employer: “I never received overtime pay, even though I commonly worked 60 hours a week. I was not allowed to take scheduled meal breaks, and I was not allowed rest breaks.”

We were able to quickly settle out of court and to obtain $45,000 for the client.

Personal Injury

Mentis Law sued a cable company when one of their drivers, who was driving the company work truck, struck a little boy who had run across the street into the truck.

We reached a settlement by arguing that although the driver was traveling the speed limit, he was traveling too fast for the conditions. We spoke with all of the neighbors and found out that the driver lived in the same neighborhood as the little boy and that he knew children were playing in and around the street daily.

The case settled for $1,940,000.